Functional Medicine is a medical specialty that encompasses the treatment of all ages, both sexes, and each organ system and disease entity. Its scope of practice includes, but is not limited to, outpatient adult and geriatric medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, minor office procedures, and common orthopedic issues.  It provides continuing, comprehensive health care to individuals and families, the cornerstone of which is the patient-doctor relationship.

Functional Medicine builds on these concepts and provides a new framework for thinking about and managing chronic disease. Currently, the burden of chronic disease is growing at astounding rates in the U.S. and other industrialized nations. And yet, 80% of all chronic medical conditions primarily develop as result of the impact of poor lifestyle and negative environmental factors on our genes.

Functional Family Medicine physicians understand and apply the knowledge that our health emerges from a complex web of interactions between body-systems, lifestyle and environmental factors, genetic and epigenetic influences, social relationships, and the mental-emotional-spirit state over a lifetime.


Functional Medicine, on the other hand, asks very two different questions…

1) Why are these signs/symptoms occurring in this particular patient at this particular time?

2) How can we help the body repair, restore, and re-balance itself to a better state of health?

Functional Medicine recognizes that a person’s “matrix” of bodily interactions and “timeline” of health events are unique and require an individualized and comprehensive approach to treatment. Though medications are frequently necessary, unavoidable, and even lifesaving in the acute medical conditions, in the setting of treating chronic diseases, they play a secondary role by managing symptoms and controlling lab values. Functional Medicine physicians will prescribe medications when appropriate, but prefer to use a combination of lifestyle modifications, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, and nutrition as their primary “prescriptions."

Advanced Medical Integration does not accept or attempt to get reimbursed by any private insurance or third-party payers.  We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.  By working under a direct primary care (direct-to-consumer) business model, we contract directly with you, the patient.  In doing so, we have enhanced the office visit experience and eliminated the restrictions and administrative costs of third-party payers and traditional insurance.

Advanced Medical Integration believes in patient choice and flexibility.  With your doctor’s guidance, you can choose the wellness program that best suits your needs now and even change to another program in the future.  By limiting the number of patient members, your Advanced Medical Integration physician can be more fully invested in your therapeutic medical relationship.


Healing that goes beyond symptom management.

Since chronic disease emerges as the result of physiological imbalances, poor lifestyle choices, genetic predispositions, and environmental influences, Advanced Medical Integration employs a personalized, patient-centered, whole-person approach to investigate and address these root causes of bodily dysfunction.

Though curing or reversing a disease process is not always possible, our intention is to promote and restore wellness throughout one’s lifetime by supporting every patient’s personal potential for optimal physical, mental, and emotional health.

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